Cultural Information for November/December

By now all of your non hardy Fuchsias and Geraniums (and all your Fuchsias and Geraniums in Patio Pots) should be cut back and stored in your greenhouse or conservatory. Sparingly water throughout the winter to keep the compost slightly moist - not wet. In sub-zero temperatures, check your heaters are working. If you do not heat your greenhouse, cover the plants with horticultaral fleece as extra protection from the frost. Hardy Fuchsias that are left in the garden border should not be cut back until Spring when the new growth is beginning to appear. As extra protection for the roots, mulch the plants with peat.

Avoncourt in Pictures

Following a difficult season which saw us unable to open due to Government restrictions, we'd like to share with you a glimpse of Avoncourt in 2020! 


Head to our Avoncourt 2020 gallery to see a selection of pictures taken throughout the spring, allowing you a chance to see the beautiful colours and sights we were unable to share with you all this year. 

COVID-19 Update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with UK Government Guidlelines, Avoncourt Fuchsias has sadly had to cancel it's 2020 Events schedule including any planned visits from societies and groups.


We hope your Fuchsias and Gardens are coming along nicely, Avoncourt is blooming beautifully and we will be posting photos of our garden and plants throughout the season, allowing everyone to enjoy the sights that we are!


We look forward to welcoming you all back to Avoncourt Fuchsias in 2021 when our Coffee Morning, Plant Sales and group visits will return!


Take care, stay safe and make the most of your beautiful gardens during this difficult time.

Cultural Information for September/October

To prolong flowering, deadhead and de-seed your plants. Now is a good time to take cuttings which will root quite easily if placed in a greenhouse or conservatory. As the nights get colder and ground frost is a possibility, protect non-hardy plants in pots by cutting all the top growth off and put them in your greenhouse or conservatory for over-wintering. Plants growing in your garden borders should be left and NOT pruned back in the ground, and if available, top mulching is helpful to protect the roots. Leave all top growth, even if eventually they are just brown sticks. This will help to protect the plants over winter.
Check your plants regularly for pests and diseases.

Cultural Information for July/August

At this time of the year the plants should be in full flower and hopefully looking their best. When weather permits, it is recommended  to grow the plants on in the garden where there is less risk of whitefly infestation. Regularly deadhead all the plants, and daily watering will be required along with a weekly feed. If you are growing plants for show bench, it is advisable to protect them from heavy rain as this damages the flower petals. Keep an eye out for greenfly, whitefly, and signs of rust on the underside of the leaves, also red spider. Various sprays are available from garden centres to correct these problems. Fuchsias respond better if they are grown in semi-shade rather than full sun.

Cultural Information for April/May/June

Now that the daylight hours have increased considerably, the plants are showing quite rapid growth. The greenhouse needs to be well ventilated daily to prevent botrytis forming. Regular feeding with a balanced nutrient is necessary. Be aware that greenfly and whitefly are around and spraying to eradicate this problem is advised. Do not spray or water plants when the sun is on them as the water on the leaves will damage the plants. Plants can be put in the garden during the daytime to encourage even growth and prepare them for the hardy border. Continue to pinch top shoots out until mid-June to encourage bushy growth.

Cultural Information for January/February/March

During this time of the year, when there is a risk of very low temperatures, it is advisable to open greenhouses for a few hours during the daytime whilst also checking your heaters are working. Ventilating the greenhouses will help prevent the damping off of plants. Continue sparingly watering the pots, depending on how light the pots are and how dry the soil feels. By now plants cut back in September/October should be showing fresh growth.

As the daylight hours increase and the temperature will be raised in the greenhouse with sunshine, watering will need to be a little more frequent and feeding on low strength nutrients can be begun weekly.

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