Open Weekend

Welcome to our gallery of photos taken at Avoncourt Fuchsias' Open Weekend's from the past few years! Scroll down for previous years.

Open Weekend 2017

Our 2017 Open Weekend was held on Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th July. Visitors enjoyed the sunshine as they admired all the beautiful Fuchsias & Geraniums on display in the garden. A selection of photos from the weekend can be seen in the gallery below.

Open Weekend 2015

Our Open Weekend this year was held on Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th July 2015. A selection of photos from the weekend can be found below.

Open Weekend 2014

Our Open Weekend this year was on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th July. We welcomed many visitors who enjoyed seeing our wide selection of varieties of both Fuchsias and Geraniums. They also enjoyed our Tea and Homemade Cakes.

Open Weekend 2013

Avoncourt Fuchsias' first Open Weekend was held on Saturday 11th July & Sunday 12th July in 2013. Below are a selection of photos taken across the weekend.

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